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My dad has been gone for over 15 years now. It is hard to remember him. He was a very quiet person and did not say much. The one thing that he did say over and over was "It is, what it is". When I was upset over somehting that was beyond my control, and getting all stressed out over it, he would say that. I guess he was right, I did need to lean that some things are out of my control, and I needed to recognize those things and let them go and not stress out over them. It has made me a much calmer person.

My dad always told us the whole your face will stay that way when we made funny faces.

My dad was funny, he'd make up songs or just sing out of the blue and my step mom would look at him like WHAT? But he always said I use to follow this too any time anybody worked on something or just did a job he'd say "MAKE IT LOOK FACTORY". And as for getting a job he 'd always say" You have to remember they (the ppl you work for) didn't come out on the street looking for you ,you went in looking for a job". I tried to follow that through the years I worked, my dad found God right before he died and I didn't know it till after he died

The only thing I can think of that my Dad says is he always says "Moma and them" which I think is funny when he's talking about his family. His other saying is "What about YOU"

My (step)dad raised me and he always had these little sayings. Nobody really gets them but us, my husband thinks they are goofy and make no sense,lol, but to me, they are funny just because..For example:

when i wasnt listening and constantly said what? He would say another what(watt-lol)you'll work at the electric company

when being mouthy and kept saying so , he would always say sew buttons on a brass monkey... yeah i dont get that one either lol and he would make up songs, I think it was Roy Orbison sang Only the Lonely, well, he'd sing only Bolonie-and had a bunch of lyrics with it it always cracked me up

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